Wood Pan

Wood Pan ceilings create a graphically parallel surface delineation. Scale of lines can be altered by controlling pan widths, which may vary from 2" to 12". Wood Pan is 100% accessible by removing any panel(s) for entry into the ceiling plenum.

Technical specifications

PAN SIZES: Standard is 4". Optional are 2", 6",8",10", & 12". Custom size is available.

PAN REVEAL: Standards is 5/8". Custom reveals are available.

PERFORATION: Standard is Smooth. Optional is from Wood Perforation Selector.

INSULATION: Standard is un-insulated. Optional is black polybag or black fleece.

FINISHES: Standards is Premo Wood. Laminate. Optional is Re-AI Wood Veneer.

PLENUM: 8" is recommended as a minimum. Deeper is o.k.

FIRE CODE: Class 1 Material (ASTM E84).

MATERIAL: Aluminum of appropriate thickness for intended use.

LEEDs: 70% Recycled Content


Wood Pan