Metal, Wood, & Specialty
Ceiling Products & Interior Wall Panel Systems

American Decorative Ceilings’ metal, wood, and specialty ceiling products have been supplied to the architectural and design industries for over 40 years. Our wide range of standard and custom ceiling and interior wall panel systems makes us your best choice when looking for a manufacturer to produce your design. Our products include: Curved Ceilings, Corrugated Metal Ceilings, Cellular Ceilings, Linear Ceilings, Skylight Ceilings, Metal Ceiling Tiles, Embossed Metal Tiles Wood Ceilings, Acoustical Wall Panels, and Custom Metal Work.

American Decorative Ceilings
Specialty Ceilings And Walls

Corrugated Metal Panel Ceiling and Sound Abosorptive Wall Panels


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Cellular Suspended Decorative Grid Ceilings

Cellular / Suspended Decorative Grid

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Luminous Ceilings and Faux Skylights


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Metal Panel Ceiling Tiles

Metal Tiles

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Embossed Metal Ceilings, Tin Metal Ceilings, Pressed Metal Ceilings


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Acoustical Metal Wall Panels, Sound Absorptive Metal Wall Panels

Acoustical Metal Wall Panels

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Metal and Wood Ceiling and Wall Panel Specialty Products


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Metal and Wood Ceiling and Wall Panel Finishes


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