Linear V Plank

Linear V Plank Interior and Exterior Metal Ceilings offer an unpretentious, distinctive look and require very little plenum depth. Eased, rounded edges and narrow open reveals provide a minimalist approach to Linear Design.

Technical specifications

PAN SIZES: Standard widths are ~ and 8" by 144" length. Optional are are 2" increments from 2" to 12".

FINISHES: Standard are polyester coil coated (#FSTO). Custom painted are polyurethane epoxy (#1'=47). Mirroredl Brushed are polished (#FSP).

ACOUSTICAL: We offer a wide range of perforation options.

PLENUM: 4" recommended w/o HVAC or lights. 12" recommended wI HVAC or lights.

FIRE CODE: Class 1 Material per ASTM E84.

MATERIAL: Aluminum, adequate thickness to maintain flatness. Standard and custom perforations are available.


Linear V Plank