Linear Metal Ceilings   Functional & Economical

Linear Metal Ceilings provide smooth clean lines which give a linear flow to your ceiling design. With a touch of creativity, Linear Metal Ceilings can be an economical focal point for your project! Linear Metal Ceilings accentuate the two-dimensional appearance of linear space. Our Linear Pan, Linear Deep Pan, Linear Multi Pan, Linear Plank, Linear V Plank, Linear Baffle, and Linear Beam Baffle products are available in a variety of widths, depths, and finishes to complement any architectural design, and many are available for both Interior and Exterior Applications.

Linear Metal Ceilings

Linear Metal Ceiling Baffles

Linear Baffle

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Linear Pan Metal Ceilings

Linear Pan

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Linear Deep Pan Metal Ceilings

Linear Deep Pan

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Linear Multi Pan Metal Ceilings

Linear Multi Pan

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Linear Plank Metal Ceilings

Linear Plank

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Linear V Plank Metal Ceilings

Linear V Plank

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