Quadlite illuminated ceilings systems recreate the visual splendor associated with sky-lit spaces. Quadlite's square and rectangular designs can be used on any level of an interior space. Any length, in 2' increments, can be implemented into the interior scheme without special engineering.

Technical specifications

QUADLITE SECTION:Rails-11/2"x3" extrusions. Tees- 11/2"xl" extrusions.

STRATALITE MODULE: See Quadlite Data in PDF.

FINISHES: Standard is black (F42). Custom colors are (F47) all finishes are polyurethane epoxy.

PLENUM: See Quadlite Data in PDF.

FIRE CODE: Metal- non-combustible. Lense- flame spread: 25 or less -smoke contributed: 50 or less.

MATERIAL: Metal- 0.024" galvanized steel. Lense- 100% virgin acrylic.