Linear Z Pan

Linear Z Pan Metal Ceilings offer an unpretentious, distinctive look and require very little plenum depth. The interlocked panels and butt-edge panel joints utilized in this linear metal ceiling system make it an excellent choice for use in exterior canopies, entryways, breezeways, and walkway canopy ceilings. This system is available as either a solid (non-perforated) linear metal plank, or it can be provided with acoustical/ventilation perforations for your project.

Technical specifications

PAN SIZES: 2",4",6",8",10",12", up to 24".

FINISHES: Standard are polyester coil coated. Custom are polyurethane epoxy. Mirrored are polished brite. Faux Wood Grain finishes available.

ACOUSTICAL: We offer a wide range of perforation options.

PLENUM: 4" recommended w/a HVAC or lights, 2" recommended w/HVAC or lights.

FIRE CODE: Non-combustible.

0.020" thick aluminum (interior)
0.025" thick aluminum (exterior)
0.032" thick aluminum (medium duty)
0.040" thick aluminum (heavy duty)


Linear Tube