Wood Louver

Wood Louver is a dramatic ceiling system that creates intimacy of scale in large spaces. Wood Louver is practical and attractive. Wood Louver is readily interfaced with either existing or new ceiling utilities.

Technical specifications

LOUVER SIZES: Standards is 2'x 4'.Optional are 1 'x 2' thru 4'x 4'.

CELL SPACING: Standards are 4",6",8", & 12". Optional sizes are available.

BLADE DATA: Blade face is 1" (width). Blade depth is 2".

FINISHES: Standards is Premo Wood. Laminate. Optional is Re-AI Wood Veneer.

PLENUM: 8" is recommended as a minimum. Deeper is o.k.

FIRE CODE: Class 1 Material (ASTM E84).

MATERIAL: Aluminum of appropriate thickness for intended use.

LEEDs: 70% Recycled Content


Wood Louver